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The Reasons That Elephants Are Awesome

There are many reasons that elephants are awesome.  The first reason is that the elephant body has features that other animals don’t — like a really long nose.  They are  very big and they have  really big feet and I mean REALLY big feet. The second reason is that they are descendants from prehistoric mammoths and I think that it is cool.   Those are some reasons that elephants are awesome.

You can come up with your own ideas about why elephants are awesome,  just post a comment and I might include it in the next post! I will be ready!!!!!!!!!

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Let’s Talk about Asian Elephants

Let’s talk about asian elephant’s.Asian elephants are very different to African elephants.there are only a few similarities about the elephant have about them.Get really to learn the similarities about an African and a Asian elephants. One way there a the same is that there both ELEPHANTS. That is one of the ways that there are the same.Another reason that the are the same is that they both have long noses,and the last similarities is that the both BIG!

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The Winner Of The Photo Caption Contest Is . . . .

The winner of the photo caption contest is Pat Daley! Pat, congratulations for winning the photo caption contest!

“I Love Elephants, too!!”

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Elephant’s Tail

Do people now know that elephants have TAILS? People probably didn’t know about an elephant’s tail? They are cool, nice, and always awesome! They are gray with a little black at the end and that is what an elephant’s tail looks like.

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First Ever Photo Caption Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have what it takes to win the photo caption contest??? All you have to do is to write a caption for this photo:

The contest opens TODAY and ends on NOVEMBER 5th.  The winner will be announced on this blog and will receive an elephant-sized prize! Enter soon!



source:Source: http://www.rictus.com/viz/photos/nature/elephant.jpg

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An Elephant HEAD

An elephant head has one of the coolest, funkiest, and nicest shapes in the world. They have the coolest ears and they have the coolest head.  They are very strong because of their tusks and their long nose that they use to carry logs, grass, and branches.  They use their trunks to eat, make shelter, and drink water.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you had your own elephant? If you think so, come to this website!

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